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Goldstein emerged from years of experience in the real estate sector with the OBJECTIVE to combine investments and real estate processes with a strong return.
We are aware of the fact that every project has a specific repetitive procedure. While emphasizing that the foundation of safe project development consists of following these procedures, we would like to point out that each project is unique and has unexpected new challenges.

In order to perfectionise all processes and to be able to offer all customers targeted services we found Goldstein Immobilien to support Investors, Landlords and Real-estate developers with our one stop shop solutions.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.


360° Service

With our Immobilien experience, you will have the most efficient and durable investment.

Tailor - Made Solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions for your investments to maximize profit and efficiency.

Independent Perspective

Without any boundaries, your company will benefit from independent perspective of experts.

Follow Up Every Phases

With our project flow management, you will be aware of every phases of your investment.

Brand New Technologies

Our experts use high-tech solutions to inspect every detail for your business. Keeping up with sector's cutting edge innovations.

Minimize Every Risk

Our experts focus to eliminate every risk in your energy investment for you to keep your business sustain better.


Leading in real estate consultancy with modern creative strategies, specialized qualified team with outstanding efficiency. Our main strength is our knowledge of the market and our dedication towards customer satisfaction, which has helped clients meet their real estate requirements.


Promote the highest ethical and professional standards and cooperation among its members.
Provide products, programs and services to meet the evolving needs of the real estate industry and consumers.


It’s not the home, it’s not the photos, it’s not the marketing, it’s the people behind the service.
Provide exceptional customer service that leaves an impression on our clients

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